The data and information presented here are published in order to promote transparency in transplantation activities. They are the most reliable facts available to date to our knowledge. Whenever possible this information has been confirmed by official national sources. However, in some instances, there are still provisional estimates waiting  for approval by national health authorities. It is therefore anticipated that some data presented on this website may be modified without prior notice. As the facts displayed here are not definitive, they cannot be reproduced or quoted unless shown with the above warning and the date of consultation of the website. For any comments on the information and data presented, please contact us at the e-mail: webmaster@transplant-observatory.org .

Information on data:

Data presented for China, South Africa and India are best estimates from official sources as health authorities are in the process of setting up comprehensive registries on organ transplantation.

The data for Sudan contain combined data from both South Sudan and Sudan. Data for the two countries will be provided separately as soon as they are available.

To quote the GODT data please use the following: 

Those [indicate the year] data are based on the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation (GODT) data, produced by the WHO-ONT collaboration.

For graphics:  *Data from the WHO-ONT Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation.